Job Description

Django and Angular Development.

##### Responsabilities * Analyse and correct pending bugs on the project * Create user data validation on different entry points * Fix front-end bugs * Create a Reviewer Social registration flow based on Social Network profiles * Improve and refactor Reviewers Sign In process * Improve and refactor the `Stripe` Subscription and Payment integration through Webhooks * Include new information on Reviewer Process * Add ability to reviewers to upload pictures from the front end * Redesign the FREE subscription model

##### Technology Stack
Backend Django 1.7.11
Frontend AngularJS 1.6.9
Deployment Docker over Digital Ocean
Version Control GitHub
CD/CI CircleCI

José Fernando González Montero
Data Scientist / FullStack Python Web Developer

Always learning and never satisfied with what I know. Always excited to be part of a project in which I can continue developing my skills.