Job Description

Loopresource is a for-profit social benefit company, looking for a django2 capable web developer to implement an existing website design for mobile and desktop platforms. Our existing framework incorporates Django2, Bootstrap4 and many other packages (complete package list available on request). We need a web developer capable of taking our existing pdfs (included) and converting the design into a django-app that will be incorporated into the existing project. Once the initial design is complete, we will be looking for a limited number of future changes over the course of the following weeks.

Deliverables needed:
  • django2 application with completely functional website for mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Bootstrap 4 may be used to complete the design, but is not required.
  • Static files must be provided in a single folder, static file location should be fixed to project/static/ folder location.
Special skills needed for this project:
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Python3
  • Django 2

In your proposal, please provide a one- or two-paragraph summary of your design experience and why you’d be a great fit for this work.

If you have done projects like this before and can give a ROM quote that will also be taken into consideration.

##### Responsabilities * Create the landing page from scratch following the Client's Graphic design
Technology Stack
Backend Django 2
Frontend Bootstrap 4
Deployment Heroku for the Demo
Version Control GitHub

José Fernando González Montero
Data Scientist / FullStack Python Web Developer

Always learning and never satisfied with what I know. Always excited to be part of a project in which I can continue developing my skills.